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Realtor Success Secrets – How to Increase Productivity with an Assistant

You started out as a Realtor as a single person office, but the thought has crossed your mind that you are spending more time doing office work than work that makes you money. So, are the success secrets of increased productivity hiring an assistant? If you are finding you are spending more time doing office work that doesn’t pay, then the answer could be yes!

So what can you expect that an assistant will do for you? Really anything you hire them to do, but typically an assistant takes care of the Realtor Success Secrets - How to Increase Productivity with an Assistant“behind the scenes” things that free you up to deal one on one with your clients. Typically they answer phones, help people who walk in for assistance, copy documents for closing, call and set up appointments for clients for things like inspections, handle prep work for open houses, help design your brochures or help stage properties. Most assistants are secretaries, receptionists and whatever else you need. They do the office work things you need as well as anything that will increase productivity for your business such as help with staging and doing the errands needed.

There are obvious and not so obvious costs in hiring an assistant. Salary, payroll taxes, benefits and so forth are to be expected. Talk to a tax professional about what your expected expense will be. That will put pressure on you for the additional expense, but it will mean that you can spend the time you need on what needs to be done to actually bring in cash. Your time will no longer be spent on shuffling papers, but free it up to prospect, show homes, get properties ready for showings and open houses, meet with clients to negotiate or prepare contracts.

As with hiring anyone, it will now put you in a managerial position. That has its own set of challenges, but will definitely free up from being chained to your desk, or will remove the excuses you’ve been using to NOT make prospecting calls! In short, it will increase the time you need for activities that pay you…selling homes.

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