Goal Setting – Your Real Estate Career is Dead in the Water Without Written Goals

Did you know that writing down your goals is so important that if you don’t, you probably won’t achieve them? You know goal setting is important to your real estate career, so follow through and write them down, or your career may just end up being dead in the water.

So why isn’t just having them in your head good enough? There are a few reasons. First, writing them down makes you clarify what they are. Think of it like a road Goal Setting - Your Real Estate Career is Dead in the Water Without Written Goalsmap. If you were going on a trip and you weren’t sure where you were going, wouldn’t you use a map? Of course you would. Think of your written goals as a map that will make you choose a specific destination and path to get there.

Next, writing them will motivate you to take active steps to achieve them. In written form they are in a place where you can regularly review them. Seeing that path, and the steps on it that you’ve crossed off will motivate you to keep going. This is especially true when you find yourself not seeing progress towards the overall goal. Seeing what you’ve done will show you just how far you’ve come. Make sure to reward yourself at times for a job well done!

Having them written down will help you overcome negativity and resistance. There are always those who will say you can’t do it. By having a written list of what you want to achieve and the proof that you are on your way to achieving it will quiet down those negative nellies, and sharpen your focus on what you want to achieve in the process.

Another way that writing down your goals is a good idea is because as it keeps you focused on what you need to do, it will also help you filter out things that are a distraction. As you become successful you will get new offers and opportunities. If they don’t fit in your current goal track, you can bookmark them for later, or turn them down. Keeping focus is important in your success.

So, write your goals down!

Why You Should Focus On Activities To Reach Your Goals

You know that being successful means making goals. But just thinking them up won’t get you there. You have to take actions to help you reach those goals. So what activities should you be focusing on?

Why You Should Focus On Activities To Reach Your GoalsYou first focus should be on writing down your goals. Putting them in writing makes them real and holds you accountable. Writing them down will also help you break them down into workable portions. Be detailed in your goal and how you will achieve it. That way the next steps are more easily focused upon. If a big goal is too big the steps to achieve it will also be too big.

Next, write down or design a way to remind yourself what you will get when you achieve your goals. This can also help keep you focused on what you need to do. Knowing what your reward will be can be a huge way to focus your attention on what you need to do.

Your next focus should be on the steps to take to start achieving the smaller subgoals. Of course those actions will depend on what the steps involve. Let’s say your big goal is to close more homes, and the first subgoal is to add 10 more listings a week, the focus activity you’d take is to make more of your prospecting activities to get those listings. A different subgoal will have other activities. Each sub step will have its own activities and as each is achieved move to the next one and focus on the activities necessary for that step.

Also focus on small rewards for achieving each step. Be sure to do that. It will keep the concentration on what needs to be done next. Taking active steps and concentrating on getting them accomplished will mean that your goal is achieved before you know it.

Does Having an Accountability Coach or Partner Really Motivate Action

Business training courses often advise having an accountability partner or accountability coach to keep you on track for goal achievement and to motivate you to take action on your goals. But does that really work? Obviously it depends on the individual, but generally it does otherwise training courses wouldn’t recommend it.

Does Having an Accountability Coach or Partner Really Motivate ActionSo what are some of the benefits to both you and your accountability partner? Well, first just by sharing plans for the day makes each of you be clear and specific about what needs to be done. Telling someone your plans makes you think or talk about what you are doing and why. You will be more likely to take action!

Next, keeps your head in the game, not in the sky. Your accountability partner isn’t there to just pat you on the back, but to keep you grounded, even if that means giving you some reality that could be painful. They are the ones who should be objective about what you are or aren’t doing and asking the questions to make you think and act.

Motivation is a big benefit. You push each other and encourage each other. They aren’t “yes men” who tell you what you want to hear. Having someone who really relates to your business is huge. On that same idea, they are the ones to give you a swift kick in the pants if you need it as well. They are the ones who refuse to let you let things slide and take action on the difficult things as well as the easy ones.

If you just want someone to tell you what you want to hear, then you don’t need one, you need to prepare for failure. If you’re smart enough to have an accountability partner, be smart enough to listen to them.

How to Use Affirmations to Explode Your Real Estate Business

Talk to any business or life coach guru and they will tell you all about the power of using affirmations. But can they really explode your real estate business like they say? Well, maybe. If anything you can harness the power of positive thinking and keep reminding yourself of the things that you want and that you CAN get them.

Positive affirmations use positive thinking to help you change negative thinking and raise your enthusiasm for your business and your life. How to Use Affirmations to Explode Your Real Estate BusinessStudies have shown that thinking positively has positive health effects on your body, and negative thinking has negative effects. It can translate to the rest of your life as well.

Affirmations are simply put just words that when put together are powerful statements. When you say them, read them or hear them they become part of your thought process. Did you know that most people have about 45,000 thoughts a day or more. For most people, 80% of those thoughts are negative. Many of those thoughts are sub-conscious, but they have a big effect on your conscious thoughts and life. The old saying “what you think is what you get” is actually quite true. So if you consciously work on making more of your thoughts positive, or target them to what you want out of life, you might just get them.

Changing those negative thoughts to positive ones is what affirmations are all about. Affirmations make you conscious of your thoughts and more in control of them. To use them, you have to write them down and write them effectively. It takes a few steps, but taking the time is worth it. Write them in the present tense, staying away from “I want” and keeping positive. I good example would be “I am content with my life and grateful for the things I have.” or “I am free from unhealthy food cravings and enjoy foods that are good for me.”

Use them, they really do make a difference!