Four Things Realtors Must Do To Get More Clients

Need more clients? That’s always a silly question, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want more clients? Well, there are four things that are key in making sure that you get more clients: follow up, follow up, FSBOs, expireds and open houses.

Follow Up

Four Things Realtors Must Do To Get More Clients No, that wasn’t a trick, follow up is that important. What is also important is who you are following up with.

If you have a good marketing program in place, leads should be coming in. So what are you doing with them? Hoping they call you? Not smart. Call them. Visit them. Call new prospects. If you are in their neighborhood, drop by. Don’t just call once. Vary your calling times so you actually catch people at home. Be pleasantly persistent, but not a pest. Be helpful, not pushy. Make yourself an invaluable asset to someone who wants to sell. Share enough knowledge that you are, in their eyes, the expert to “go to” when they need to sell and you will get more clients.

For Sale by Owners

Drive around in your target areas and look for signs for people selling by owner. Stop and talk with them. If they aren’t home, take down the number on their sign and call them. Ask them if you can come by to look at their home. Offer helpful advice. Let them know you might have a buyer interested in their home. Worst case you find a home that may be interesting for a buyer you are helping. Best case you get a new listing!


Don’t forget people whose current listings are expiring. Make sure you don’t step on toes and get in legal trouble, but once in the clear, those who aren’t in listing contracts anymore will be frustrated with their old realtor, and still in need of selling help. Be helpful.

Open Houses

Open houses are also a good way to keep the flow of new clients coming. They can be a great showcase to let prospective new clients see the level of service you will give them. Did you stage the home well? Are you responsive to people at the open house? How about the leads you get from it? Following up with people that were interested at the open house (meaning the prospect) will show them that you take your job seriously.

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Realtor Motivation: How to Work Your Way Out of a Slump

We all know it, the economy is still shaky. That means that everyone has been dealing with slow times. It’s been going on for so long that it can get to you. If you’re feeling like you’re in a slump, though, there are ways to work your way out of it slow economy or not, by getting motivated, being more positive and using affirmations.

First things first, what to do about changing the “down in the dumps” slump to a more positive attitude.  Start with simply thinking in a different way.  Instead of seeing Realtor Motivation: How to Work Your Way Out of a Slump the bad, find the good.  Are you completely out of business?  Probably not.  Things may be down, but you aren’t out.  Ask yourself questions, and be careful about how you are asking them.  Instead of asking “what else could possibly go wrong” ask “what is good about this situation?” or “what can I learn from this?” or “what kinds of opportunities does this open up for me?” Begin getting motivated and be more positive.

Listing the Positives
Try listing the positives.  Listing the positives will help take the focus off the negative.  When you list the positives focus on accomplishments and not on where you need to be.  Reviewing your results is important so that you see where you’ve been and how you can do things differently.  Motivation comes from seeing how far you’ve come, not necessarily how far you need to go.


Take a walk or run.  Exercise is a great way to improve your mood.  It does a few things.  First exercise releases endorphins, testosterone and other chemicals also will be released.  Exercise releases stress and tension.  Exercise can also free your mind which will let it come up with solutions.  Not to mention that it will give you a boost of energy that will help you pick up and take those next steps. Worst case, walk away when you feel overwhelmed and give yourself a break.  Once you have calmed down, thinking things through is easier.

Use Affirmations

Use affirmations that will change the negative into positives.  Just like your questions, using affirmations can turn the way you think about things around. Using positive affirmations and getting motivated will start you in the right direction- headed up! Try it and your slump may just slink away with its tail between its legs!

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Realtor Motivation – 5 Ways To Bounce Back When It Feels Like Everything Is Falling Apart

We all have them. You know, those days when it seems everything is falling apart. It’s hard to get motivated and scheduling appointments when it feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. So how, as a Realtor, can you get motivated to bounce back and come back strong in the face of failure? Here’s a few things you can do.

Realtor Motivation - 5 Ways To Bounce Back When It Feels Like Everything Is Falling Apart First, think about why you do what you do. Bad days can make you seriously wonder why, but think back to when you decided to be a Realtor. What excited you? Think about your successes. What made them feel so great? Now think about what is making you afraid at the moment. What are they? How are they keeping you from moving forward and getting to work? Getting on top of them now will mean you can finally get things done.

Break goals and tasks down to smaller “bite sized” pieces. Schedule in tasks like prospecting in 10 to 15 minutes slots a few times a day. That will mean you have a better chance of successfully getting people on the phone and scheduling appointments.

As you do these smaller timed tasks, keep moving. Get out from behind your desk and move your body. Getting the blood flowing will get the creative juices and excitement flowing as well. Soon you will be scheduling appointments and you will bounce back.

Determine those “bite sized” next steps. Break your prospecting down to different types of groups to call. Instead of starting with a huge list that seems endless, start with a smaller list of past clients. Move to the next smaller list of referrals and so on. Make it manageable and you can bounce back.

Then make sure to get your day going on the right foot by planning it all out. Set up your lists, then calendar our your day. The momentum will build and carry you through.

Make sure to build on each and every success, big and small. Got through that first list with several contacts and an appointment or two? Great! Do a quick happy dance then move to the next task. Keep it going and find yourself out of that “falling apart” mode!

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Goal Setting – Your Real Estate Career is Dead in the Water Without Written Goals

Did you know that writing down your goals is so important that if you don’t, you probably won’t achieve them? You know goal setting is important to your real estate career, so follow through and write them down, or your career may just end up being dead in the water.

So why isn’t just having them in your head good enough? There are a few reasons. First, writing them down makes you clarify what they are. Think of it like a road Goal Setting - Your Real Estate Career is Dead in the Water Without Written Goalsmap. If you were going on a trip and you weren’t sure where you were going, wouldn’t you use a map? Of course you would. Think of your written goals as a map that will make you choose a specific destination and path to get there.

Next, writing them will motivate you to take active steps to achieve them. In written form they are in a place where you can regularly review them. Seeing that path, and the steps on it that you’ve crossed off will motivate you to keep going. This is especially true when you find yourself not seeing progress towards the overall goal. Seeing what you’ve done will show you just how far you’ve come. Make sure to reward yourself at times for a job well done!

Having them written down will help you overcome negativity and resistance. There are always those who will say you can’t do it. By having a written list of what you want to achieve and the proof that you are on your way to achieving it will quiet down those negative nellies, and sharpen your focus on what you want to achieve in the process.

Another way that writing down your goals is a good idea is because as it keeps you focused on what you need to do, it will also help you filter out things that are a distraction. As you become successful you will get new offers and opportunities. If they don’t fit in your current goal track, you can bookmark them for later, or turn them down. Keeping focus is important in your success.

So, write your goals down!